The spring
The water of the spring has always been known to have medicinal qualities. It is of the highest quality and in this it is almost unique in Central Europe.
It rises directly at our spa from the primitive rocks gneiss and granite and contains some minerals and a lot of silica. At the source of the spring a low level of radioactivity has been measured which has a stimulating effect.
Chemical tests have shown that the water contains the following minerals and trace elements:
Calcium, magnesium, chloride, fluoride, iron, silicic acid, sodium, boron, lithium, selenium and iodine.

Die Quelle am Mühlbacherbadl

The water’s temperature is 4°C both in winter and in summer and is suitable for various health cures such as special diets and therapeutic baths.
It increases the energy level and enhances general wellbeing, it is strengthening and detoxifying, boosts the metabolism and is haematimic.

The water strengthens the immune system and invigorates the body and can so aid healing processes of the skin (dermatitis, weeping eczema), the connective tissue, the eyes and the colon.
Furthermore, the water has also some positive effects on rheumatic illnesses.
Due to the good balance between sodium and potassium and the extremely low content of nitrate the water is suitable for babies, breastfeeding mothers and elderly people.
It is ideal to get rid of harmful substances in your body, an ideal way to detoxify the body.

Crystal analysis:

Kristallanalyse der Quelle

This is a biophysical analysis of the water which shows a naturally pure water of the highest quality with an energy force field.
The structure of the crystals is fanlike and has got beautiful, more organic patterns which are similar to those of fern and other plants. Structures like these are typical for high quality spring water with healing power.
This test was done in 2005 and guarantees that the spring ‘has drinking water of outstanding quality with healing power’.